Terry E. Smith

Registered Professional Land Surveyor
MS Registration No. 2632
AR Registration No. 1484

Mr. Smith has 29 years experience in land planning, residential and commercial development, survey management and construction layout. He served as Surveyor for the Board of Levee Commissioners for the Yazoo and Mississippi Delta. Specialized government training was acquired from National Geodetic Survey, F.E.M.A., U.S. National Archives, Mississippi River Commission and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Since 2001, he has been concentrating emphasis on retracement surveys of the original Government Land Office (GLO) township surveys, large area boundary reconstruction, ALTA/ACSM title surveys, riparian (riverfront) boundaries, land planning/design, floodplain management and testifying as an expert witness in property boundary trials in local, state and federal court.

Kenneth L. Weiland

Registered Professional Engineer
MS Registration No. 09971
AR Registration No. 10791

Mr. Weiland obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Mississippi in 1982. He has over 29 years of experience in engineering design, construction, project implementation and administration. He served as Structural Design Engineer for the Mississippi Highway Department and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for 10 years specializing in bridge design, flood control structures analysis and design, civil and geo-structural engineering. He served the Board of Levee Commissioners for the Yazoo-Mississippi Delta for 9 years as Chief Engineer. Since 2001, he has performed engineering tasks on a wide array of civil and structural projects including sewer, water, retention design and drainage, intermodal design and development.

Staff & Resources

Registered Engineer Intern

Patrick Williams, Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Missouri University of Science and Technology. Mr. Williams has worked with the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department as a construction field engineer and has experience in roadway and bridge construction, water distribution systems, erosion and sediment control, and stormwater management.

CAD Technician, Construction Specifications and Contract Administration

Roohi Huq, Bachelor of Architecture, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology. Mrs. Huq has approximately 21 years experience as an engineering and survey CAD technician. She is proficient in retracement surveys involving governmental land sections and in the preparation of construction contract documents, contract payment applications and change orders.

CAD Technician, GIS / Raster Graphics Mapper

Susan Smith, 10 years experience survey CAD technician for the production of survey plats, specialized maps, photogrammetry, GIS mapping and raster graphics imagery. Also utilizes software for terrain modeling, contouring and topographic mapping. Proficient in deed and title research, ALTA/ACSM survey specifications and production.

Survey / Engineering Technician, Party Chief

Randy Palmer, 30 years experience in boundary and topographic surveying, staking and layout for municipal, commercial and residential development (water, sewer, roads, drainage, retainage, etc.) as well as the reestablishment of U.S. Public Land (GLO) Survey system corners. Proficient in GPS and traditional survey methods and equipment.

Survey Party Chief

Adam Smith, ESRI ArcGIS Level III Mississippi State University, 10 years experience in boundary and topographic surveying, staking and layout for commercial and residential development (dirt work, water, sewer, roads, drainage, retainage, etc.). Proficient in GIS, GPS and traditional survey methods and equipment.

Project Representative / Engineering Specialist

Stephen Simmons, Bachelor of Business Administration in Management of Construction and Land Development, Mississippi State University, additionally trained in Boundary and Topographical Surveying and Real Property Evaluation.

Survey Technician

Caleb Haley, trained in boundary and topographical surveying, construction staking, and property corner establishing.

Administrative Assistant

Staci Scaife, Phillips Community College, administrative workflow management, schedule management and project tracking; data collection, verification and management; client or end-user agreements and confidentiality assurance.

Geographic Information Technician / Web Developer

Samantha Styers, Bachelor of Arts, Delta State University, trained and experienced in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software ESRI ArcGIS, CAD software, deed research, spatial and statistical analysis, geoprocessing and geocoding, print/digital layout and design, and demographic analysis.

We have additional field and office personnel, trained and experienced in survey and engineering data collection and layout. Our dedicated and experienced personnel and cutting edge equipment give us the capacity to run up to four (4) survey crews simultaneously and the ability to process and map data quickly and efficiently.